In November 2013, dataSpring started offering its proprietary Thai online research panel. This article will also provide valuable insights into effectively conducting online research in Thailand.

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Thailand divides its provinces through the four-region division system, composed of Northeastern Thailand, Northern Thailand, Central Thailand, and Southern Thailand.


Demographics and Ratio of Panel Composition

Like Japan, Thailand currently has an aging population. Compared to the population composition, the ratio of panels in the 50+ age range is small, therefore it may be difficult to collect the data. Data collection and response rate for older panelists depends on the location and schedule.

Population Estimate

Gender (%)
Age group (%)

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Ratio of Panel Composition of dS Panel

Gender (%)
Age group (%)

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When targeting or allocating by income, it is common to design the survey according to the SEC.

*SEC is the socioeconomic characteristic that a consumer has defined by variables such as income, educational background, occupation and so on. It stands for Social Economic Classification.

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Ethnic composition

The CIA World Factbook lists the following ethnic composition: Thai at 95.9%, Burmese 2%, others 1.3%, unspecified 0.9%. However, this is not referenced and contradicts the more detailed 2011 Royal Thai Government data, which suggests that the ethnic composition of ethnic Central Thai at 34.1%, ethnic Lao at 24.9%, ethnic Khon Muang at 9.9%, ethnic Pak Tai at 7.4%, ethnic Khmer at 2.3%, and ethnic Malay at 1.5%.


Local Pro Tip

In Thailand, the royal family is deeply respected by its citizens, and it is strictly forbidden to criticize any of its members. The country observes the lèse majesté law, which means that any disrespectful act toward the king, queen, or royal heirs are punishable by imprisonment for treason.


Precautions in Conducting Online Research

There are no particular precautions in conducting a survey in Thailand.

Final Words

Before conducting online or mobile surveys in Thailand, it’s important to know its basic profile. For more in-depth information, talk to our Local Experts today!

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