We have been offering Japan panels to global markets since October 2009. With our unparalleled understanding of the Japanese market, this article divulges our insights for effectively conducting online research in Japan.

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Areas that are often targeted by researchers are one or both of the following categories:

  1. The capital city, Tokyo, the largest city in Japan, and the commuting areas around Tokyo (Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa)
    * Note: Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa account for 36.3% of the total population.
  2. The second largest city, Osaka, and the commuting area around Osaka (Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara)

Demographics and Ratio of Panel Composition

The internet penetration rate is high at 93.3%* (as of 2018), and there is no big difference between population composition ratio and panel composition ratio. Due to high demand, we have focused our recruiting and retention efforts on the teens and 20s demographic groups, leading us to have a higher count of younger panelists than other companies.

Population Estimate

Gender (%)
Age group (%)

The data set shown above is available in https://www.stat.go.jp/english/data/handbook/index.html.

Ratio of Panel Composition of dS Panel

Gender (%)
Age group (%)

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In Japan, the concept of SEC is not very common. Therefore, when conducting online research, we often target individual monthly income or household monthly income.

*SEC is the socioeconomic characteristic that a consumer has - defined by variables such as income, educational background, occupation and so on. It stands for Social Economic Characteristics.

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Ethnic composition

98.5% of the total population are regarded as Japanese ethnic. Knowing this, it is very difficult to specify targeting conditions and allocations based on the ethnic composition in Japan.


Local Pro Tip

When conducting research in Japan, it is more common to ask people about their annual income rather than their monthly income. Because of this, respondents are also more accustomed to answering with their annual incomes. For that reason, it is better to ask about a respondent’s annual income.


Precautions in Conducting Online Research

  • We cannot ask questions that are against public order and morals. Please contact our sales representative in advance for any questions you are unsure of before conducting your research.
  • Contents that are against the law
  • Contents that are related to bullying and discrimination
  • Contents that are related to anything sexual in nature

Final Words

Japan offers a lot of opportunities, especially now that the global economy is recovering from the pandemic. With many businesses striving to enter its market every year, it’s no surprise that Japan has become one of dataSpring’s most in-demand panels.

Before conducting online or mobile surveys in Japan, it’s important to know its basic profile. For more in-depth information, talk to our Local Experts today!

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